Naad Yoga The Yoga of Sound

About Us

Professor Surinder Singh


Naad Yoga Council is the international awarding body for certification of Naad Yoga teachings and courses based on the Nanakian philosophy.

Naad Yoga Council is an association of professional teachers, healers and counsellors.  It governs the teachings, ensuring a high standard as well as maintaining an impeccable student experience during and after studies.

Naad Yoga Council aspires to serve teachers of Naad Yoga everywhere. They in turn serve others, both in their individual teaching and in their participation in local, national and global communities and associations.

Professor Surinder Singh founded the Naad Yoga Council in 2008, with the purpose of creating a wider community of international naad yogis to teach and share this ancient wisdom with a modern world, thereby following in the footsteps of Guru Nanak. The result is an environment in which all teachers may share, nurture and expand their personal experiences with the love, support and guidance of the Naad Yoga Council.

Naad Yoga Council is about education; only through teaching and learning can we grow, prosper and develop. We are dedicated to providing a framework that can support our teachers and students in their process of evolution. We wish to foster an open community where our teachers help to serve each other and unite all education in the name of peace.

Naad Yoga Council is entrusted with the copyrights and intellectual property provided by Raj Academy Conservatoire and Professor Surinder Singh to maintain the authenticity, integrity and purity of course content and delivery for:

It will also ensure that future courses and products are maintained and preserved in the same manner.