Naad Yoga The Yoga of Sound

Our Aspirations

Four Naad Yogis on a beach with dilrubas

Our aspiration at the Naad Yoga Council is to create a worldwide network of teachers and healers focused on awareness of the universal sound current, through the ancient art and science of Naad Yoga.

The first step in awareness of Naad (the particular qualities and influence of sound) is experience. Only through personal experience of the healing capability of Naad can it open a gateway to reconnect you with your higher Self and inherent potential.

We believe that everybody can create a happy, healthy life using the techniques and practices of Naad Yoga. Sharing and teaching this art of sound for wellbeing, we aim to enable a disease-free, stress-free, pain-free and anxiety-free community.

Our vision is of a world where every individual seeks ‘inner-tainment’ (feeding the soulful needs of the mind as opposed to more materialistically appealing impulses), and not just entertainment; where the emphasis is on a life that unfolds in all its beauty and potential while safeguarding the same opportunity for future generations.

Our priority is communication with one’s own mind and soul, practised in a conscious way, which allows compassionate, truthful and peaceful human interaction. Once there is realisation of the innate potential of one’s true self, the doors open for contentment, serenity, wisdom and love to enter, fulfilling the desire of the inner being. From personal inner balance, harmony between people and communities becomes possible.

The age-old tradition of Naad Yoga dates back to the Vedic period. It is a sacred art practised throughout many cultures of India with differing philosophies. The practice of Naad Yoga within our organisation belongs to the Nanakian philosophy, following in the footsteps of Guru Nanak. Through evolution and for many other reasons the practice of Naad Yoga has been diluted in some schools and institutions, and the Naad Yoga Council strives to restore, revive and develop what has been lost.

Our Aspirations at Naad Yoga Council