Naad Yoga The Yoga of Sound


Professor Surinder Singh brings forgotten notes to life

When a regal looking Sikh in an azure blue Sherwani began to play few bars of music on the Saranda, it was powerful and emotional experience.

The Saranda, an ancient Indian instrument whose origins can be traced back to some 500 years or more had all but disappeared from our society. It along with others string and skin instruments such as rabab, Jori (a tabla-type drum), taus, and dilruba were played during the Kirtans sessions delivered by Sikh spiritual leaders like Guru Arjun, Guru Gobind Singh and others. Their pure notes travelled across the room in perfect resonance. Remember, it was an era devoid of mics, expensive sound systems and amplifiers.

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Natural Medicines For Singers

By Soundlotus

Natural Sore Throat Remedies : * Gargle with sea salt or natural rock salt water * * Soak 3-4 cloves in water overnight and drink in the morning. Gargle first before swallowing. (A Yogi Bhajan remedy) * Liquorish tea or chew on a liquorish stick ( liquorish sticks also make great natural toothbrushes and breath freshens) * Sage tea (sage leaves to steep in hot water are easily found in the spice section ) * Rub Almond , sesame oil or Ghee into your neck. It works as the external heat stimulates the glands and increases circulation and blood flow.

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Naad Yoga and the Nightingale

by Dhanpreet Kaur

I have embarked on a journey of Naad Yoga, after a most impressive encounter with the art of Professor Surinder Singh at the Yoga Festival last year. In KY you have certainly experienced the effects of mantras on body and spirit, or those of Gurumukhi recitations in early morning Sadhana, causing your mind to move gears and sensing something deep and true within yourselves.

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Acoustic Brain Research

by Satpurakh Kaur

Psychoacoustics researches sound, language and music, and their effects on the brain/mind. The term brain/mind is is based on the view of Dr. Carl Pribram, who considers “the mind” to be a process running parallel to physiological processes in the brain. By looking at the changes in brain states and behaviours elicited through sound, language and music, researchers in the field of Psychoacoustics are exploring the ways in which sound patterns affect brain an cellular processes

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More about Holosync, Lifeflow and OmHarmonics from our friends at UnifyCosmos

Sound Healing Report
by Jai Inder Kaur

When we were given the task of writing a sound healing report within the 5th grade of our naad yoga teacher training with the focus on how others do sound healing, I thought “wow, what an interesting idea”. As I then was reflecting about the topic my first idea was to create a kind of overview of all sound healing methods currently practised. I felt that via internet research this should be possible. When I started searching within the world wide web I became disenchanted quite quickly. Not only that there is a multitude of possible hits but also it turned out that in many cases the link given is just a marketing page for a certain cd or something similar or that if this is not the case and you really find a method therapists work with it is not described in depth.

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