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Naad Yoga Teacher Training Spain with Manjeet Kaur

February 1

A journey from stress to success: understanding how our emotional state is composed and then consciously converting negativity to positivity creates a happy and healthy life. The process is similar to the composition of music and Naad Yoga uses musical modes and our own emotions as raw material for personal development.

In this three-year programme, our focus is to prepare you for an experience of mastery in life. Tuning, listening, rhythm, singing, chakras, senses, emotional signatures, moods, composition and silence are the ten keys that will be used consistently.

We teach six instruments, bowed, plucked and percussion, used from ancient times as tools to build a spiritual bridge between body, mind and soul: Dilruba, Sarangi, Saranda, Rabab, Taus and Jori.

How does it work?
You progress through a combination of supported learning at home, classes in a group and intensive residentials. The course includes:
  • 24 weeks of practical learning at home with online/DVD course materials per year
  • 36 hours of group classes per year (one session of 4 hours once a month)
  • 36 hours of teaching by Professor Surinder Singh on a residential intensive week in the first and second years
  • 3-month break each year for reflection with individual practice and projects.


In the third year, one weekend and the intensive week are replaced by a two-week trip to India with Professor Surinder Singh, which also marks graduation from Level 1.
The three years comprise Level 1, which gives you a secure grounding for personal practice, teaching and performance. There is an optional further year of development, Level 2.

Building a bridge from knowledge to experience: Sangat & Seva, a core module

We believe that sharing the knowledge we have gained accelerates our learning (progress). As human beings, we require a community, which reflects our level of understanding and potential in order to grow. To support our student’s learning process we, therefore, ask them to compose their own Sangat: We would like you to bring together five people and care for them as a learning community that will grow /develop with you.
Starting in the second year, the module allows you to step into the role of teacher under the direct supervision of Professor Surinder Singh. You will gain 36 hours of teaching experience per year, in weekly one-hour sessions.
The Sangat & Seva module is mandatory in order to receive the Naad Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Students who opt-out of this module will instead receive the Naad Yoga Diploma on completion of Level 1.

Course requirements

You will need to be able to speak and understand basic English (there is usually translation support in classes for those who need it, and most students will have a tutor who speaks their native language).
You will need an internet connection for access to course materials.
You will need to purchase an instrument unless you intend to learn only singing. Even then, it is still preferable to learn an instrument as an invaluable support to your vocal progress. We recommend you to start with the Dilruba, which opens the way to all the others
No previous knowledge of music or yoga is required.


The Teacher:

Manjeet Kaur

email: manjeet.naadyoga@gmail.com










February 1
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Centro Pluma Blanca
C/ Plaza huerto de lo.s frailes n°6
Caravaca De la Cruz, Murcia, Spain


Manjeet Kaur