Naad Yoga The Yoga of Sound

Healing Sound Course

Course Structure

Module 1: 8 hours
The Body of Sound
Using sound to create physical balance

– Alignment
– Superhealth
– Vocal 1
– Rhythm 1
– Chakra cleansing with Naad
– Meditation 1
– Chanting 1

Module 2: 8 hours
Sound and the Psyche
Exploring how sound influences our emotions, reactions and reflexes

– Listen beyond sound – Anhad
– The Naad of your emotions
– Vocal 2
– Rhythm 2
– Meditation 2
– Chanting 2

Module 3: 8 hours
Heal Your Soul
Bringing together the cleansing of Body, Mind and Soul to start your healing journey

– Sound and mood
– Express your inner Naad
– Secrets of Mantra
– Musicology
– Meditation 3
– Chanting 3

This unique course offers an introduction to the basic techniques and methodologies of Sound Healing in the context of Naad Yoga. We will explore the history, the ancient practices and the traditions of Raags (musical modes) from the perspective of a healer. The course will open a door for you to the interconnectedness of music, emotions and health on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

The course consists of three modules which can be taken individually or consecutively as a complete course.

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey of self-discovery and healing through sound!

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