More about Sangat & Seva

assisting a dilruba player

The Sangat & Seva experience is crucial for your development as a teacher of Naad Yoga. A Sangat is a group of mutually supportive, like-minded people. Seva is selfless service. These two ingredients allow you to deepen your understanding by teaching others, to grow with your fellow students and to create a community that will strengthen you on your personal journey.

How it works

  • You look for five people in your local area with whom you resonate: people with whom you easily connect and communicate. They may be long known to you, friends or family, or people you have just met.
  • The best way to find the right people is to reflect on your own reasons for learning Naad Yoga. What drives you and brought you to this path? Why are you sticking to it? What benefits is it bringing you? Meditating on your own motivation – your inner ‘why’ – will automatically draw people to you who are looking for the same thing or have the same dreams about their life and purpose.
  • The five people are introduced to Naad Yoga and the Naad Yoga Teacher Training course. A senior teacher will be brought in for their monthly/quarterly classes and they will start learning independently with the online materials. Your role, for your Sangat & Seva module, is to provide the weekly one-hour support session for your group of five. This will begin after the group’s first class with the senior teacher.
  • You will receive a detailed curriculum for leading your Sangat & Seva sessions and will be guided through every class.
  • You and the five members of your Sangat will develop together, deepening the learning process and supporting you all on the Naad Yoga path.