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Individual Learning

Students watch weekly video lessons, each lesson being 15 to 20 minutes in length. These lessons are provided in a resource learning pack. This gives students the flexibility to learn Naad Yoga in their own home, in their own time and at their own pace.

Students practise their weekly lesson using their chosen string instrument for 15 minutes a day, five days a week. Since all the learning is practical and hands-on, there are no written assignments or exams. As a new week begins, students watch the next weekly lesson and practise it throughout that week. This process of learning continues for 12 weeks or until students complete their current grade level.


Tutor Guidance

Each student is also assigned a qualified personal tutor who monitors progress on a bi- weekly basis and provides guidance as needed. Tutors also encourage students who begin to fall behind in their individual learning and practice.


Learning Assessment

After students complete the assigned 12 weeks of video tutorials, they are requested to visit an educational centre in their area where teachers from Raj Academy Conservatoire organise hands-on workshops and conduct assessments to check individual progress.

These workshops are designed to help students overcome learning challenges and refine their instrumental playing techniques. In addition, they provide an opportunity to seek inspiration from other students also learning Naad Yoga in the local area.


Advantages of this new way of learning


1. No Experience Required

The Naad Yoga Diploma is aimed at anyone, whether aged seven or seventy, who seeks capability in mental or emotional composition in life. Previous experience of yoga or a background in music is not necessary to begin learning. This course has been developed on the basis of the Nanakian methodology of Naad Yoga.

Students, families and local communities are all encouraged to learn Naad Yoga and make it an essential part of life. Our vision is to help each individual nourish his or her physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing with the sacred art of Naad Yoga.

2. Easy & Accessible Learning

Whether you are a high-school or university student, a working adult, a parent or a senior citizen, the flexibility of this course allows you to learn Naad Yoga at your convenience.

Students’ progress is achieved through the individualised, one-on-one learning environment and resources provided by our teachers.

3. Qualified Teachers

Raj Academy teachers are highly qualified with unparalleled educational background in Naad Yoga, which is also known as Gurmat Sangeet, “the sacred sounds from ancient India”. Raj Academy Conservatoire trains and employs experienced teachers who have dedicated their life’s mission to Naad Yoga education.

Moreover, students can receive academic accreditation in Gurmat Sangeet by British academia, as well as private certification from Raj Academy Conservatoire.

4. Affordable for Everyone

We believe in education that is affordable for everyone. The course fee is present to cover the basic costs of the learning resource packs provided to all students.

If interested individuals seek financial help, assistance is possible through community sponsorship. We do our best to make this course affordable and accessible to all, regardless of your financial background.