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Naad Yoga Diploma


Registration and Payment for Naad Yoga Diploma course



Annual fee: £1,300

  1. Monthly payment option for annual fee: deposit of £300, followed by 10 monthly payments of £110
  2. Pay as you go, grade by grade: this option requires the grade to be paid in full prior to commencing study. Grades 1 to 6 = £500 per grade; Grades 7 & 8 = £750 per grade

For further details please send an email to Satpurakh Kaur at naadyoga(at)

The course fee covers the basic costs of producing and developing the programme, along with the extensive academic-based learning material and digital media provided to students. Thirty years of academic research in the field of Naad Yoga have been utilised in the development of this programme to make it as simple, easy and effective as possible.

Keeping the economic backgrounds of prospective students in mind, the Naad Yoga Diploma is designed to be affordable for all so that everyone can experience the benefits of learning from qualified teachers.



To register, please click on register now or send an email to Satpurakh Kaur at naadyoga(at)