Natural Medicine for Singers

Natural Sore Throat Remedies :

* Gargle with sea salt or natural rock salt water

* * Soak 3-4 cloves in water overnight and drink in the morning. Gargle first before swallowing. ( A Yogi Bhajan remedy )

* Liquorish tea or chew on a liquorish stick ( liquorish sticks also make great natural toothbrushes and breath freshens )

* Sage tea (sage leaves to steep in hot water are easily found in the spice section )

* Rub Almond , sesame oil or Ghee into your neck. It works as the external heat stimulates the glands and increases circulation and blood flow. Natural Decongestants :

* Green Chilli ( eat raw for best effects – thinly sliced on any dish is palatable by all ) Green Chilli is also rich in Vitamin C.

* Ginger * Cardamom * Fresh mint tea * Basil. Natural Cough and Lung Remedies :

* Chew 3-4 whole black pepper corns slowly or make a black peppercorn tea which is also a cure for Asthma by boiling half a teaspoon of whole black peppercorns in water for five minutes.

* Garlic a Natural anti-biotic – proven to be anti viral for lung infection.

* Ginger which is Especially good for bronchial coughs. Natural Anti- Biotic’s : * Garlic * lemons * cloves * oregano.

( Tip: Take a small garlic clove like a pill and your breath won’t smell.) Natural Muscle Relaxants : Turmeric ( Yogis and dancers when in physically injured or stiff take turmeric cooked for 8 minutes + added to in milk or a rice dish or homemade yogurt ) * Cumin ( add to vegetables or rice ) * Cooked Lettuce * cinnamon ( A cinnamon stick tea is lovely ). General Immune boosting : Vitamin C ( Fresh is more potent and effective. Choose an orange or a squeezed lemon over a tablet) ; wear natural fibres such as cotton as this aids in healthy elimination through the skin which is the bodies largest eliminatory organ ; eat and drink fresh and natural produce ideally organic ; exercise and sweat ; use natural bath and beauty products ( If you would eat it – it’s better for you ) ; Happiness heals all – Be Happy. If you know more healthy tips for the benefit of all – be in touch – share your love 🙂