“Suniai dookh paap kaa naas.”

Through the power of Listening, pain and sin are eradicated.
(‘Jap’, Guru Nanak)

When you listen to the Shabads and Mantras sung by Professor Surinder Singh you will recognize that this kind of music is not made to entertain you. Instead, the sound will nourish your soul for a much deeper level of satisfaction.


Mantrs and chants have existed and evolved through many ancient traditions, serving as the root from which communities, faith and hope have been built.

This special album is dedicated to all healers and those souls who need healing. The love of the universe vibrates in the sacred sound current of Naad to comfort the deepest of trauma, heal the most painful of wounds and share the strongest joy.

Sing, meditate and heal – allow yourself to transcend on this blissful journey of Naad through the power of Mantr.

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Patsahi Dasvee

An album dedicated to the life of the tenth Sikh Master, Guru Gobind Singh, in tribute to the sacrifices made and the inspiration given.

The sacred poetry written by the Tenth Master is sung in the specified raags, using sacred instruments from the ancient tradition of Sikh music to enhance the experience and have a profound impact on the psyche of the listener.

The purpose of this sacred Naad is to heal and uplift the listener.


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Partaal – Rhythms of Life


Partaal is a deep musical mechanism created by the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. This framework is unique to Gurmat Sangeet and does not exist in Indian classical music. The purpose of Partaal was to allow average people to compose their standard of life by incorporating the rhythms of life with music.

Partaal shows the different faces of our daily routines, from balanced and calm to manic and fast-paced. This variation simplifies the process of connecting with and understanding the wisdom of Shabad Guru.

Partaal moves between various rhythmic patterns in one composition; the rahao (chorus) has a different taal (rhythmic pattern) from each of the padas (verses), which all have different taals. This is a very difficult concept to justify and execute as it requires a deep musical knowledge, but most importantly the knowledge that the chosen taals complement the poetry (bani) and elevate the delivery of the message.

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Vaar Asa – Wisdom of Life


This set of 2 CDs contains a complete recording of ‘Vaar Asa’, a poetic ballad within the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, using Tunday Asrajay Ki Dhunni (the melody of Tunda Asraja), composed in Raag Asa.

‘Vaar Asa’ holds the light and courage our mind needs to overcome the pain and laziness that we encounter each day. It has the power to heal the deepest pain and shine the brightest light within us. It was given as a blessing to humanity to unfold and share the true Wisdom of Life …read more

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Sacred Sounds by Sidak & Sampuran.



A beautiful CD with Mantras and Shabads sung in raags and accompanied by traditional string instruments.


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