Naad Yoga The Yoga of Sound

Naad Yoga Teacher Training

Naad Yoga Teacher Training (NYTT) is now offered by Raj Academy in the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and Canada.

Do you want to connect with your soul? Hear the voice of your mind? Sing your own song as the composer of your life?

Naad Yoga Teacher Training is our most comprehensive course, covering vocal training, listening skills, meditation in sound, the healing power of sound and its practical application, composition and performance, including how to play one of six traditional Indian instruments: Saranda, Sarangi, Taus, Rabab, Jori and Dilruba. To find out more about the yogic instruments click here or go to If someone doesn’t want to learn a musical instrument, he/she can choose to do the course vocally only.

The course leads you to master the communication between mind and soul, creating an inner balance that allows you to become the best version of yourself and making you capable of dealing with anything life might throw at you. You will learn the techniques of Naad Yoga, harnessing your voice, building up your ability to listen and connecting with your inner emotional landscape.

Once you have effectively mastered communication with yourself, you will be able to go on to teach these techniques in communication with others. For this reason the course has a core module called ‘Sangat & Seva’ where the students have the opportunity to step into the role of teacher under the guidance of senior staff. Teaching others is the fastest way to mastery in any given subject.

The course has two levels: Level 1, taken over three years, and Level 2, a further year of development. Find out what it involves by exploring the rest of this section of the website.

People undertake Naad Yoga Teacher Training because they wish to be active in the field of Naad (sound) for wellbeing. It is an intense programme of study in which you will be trained to accomplish:

  • vocal and instrumental musical technique
  • a deep understanding of musicology, its purpose and application
  • healing, diagnostics and therapy with Naad
  • solo-standard musical performaces
  • Meditation and exercises with Naad

Prospective students are not required to have any background in yoga or music. Previous experience of a yogic practice or musical knowledge may be beneficial but is not mandatory.

To register for the course, please go to the ‘Register’ page on the Raj Academy website or simply click here and fill in the form. You can also send an email to naadyoga(at)


  • You speak and understand basic English.
  • Listening and singing are the main pillars of Naad Yoga.
  • Musical instruments are used mainly as supporting tools for the vocal learning process. Even if you intend to learn only singing, we recommend that you acquire one of the following instruments: Rabab, Dilruba, Sarangi, Saranda, Taus or Tanpura.
  • You need your own computer or alternative device with the ability to view DVD videos.
  • You make a commitment to share all you have learnt from this training and teach it to at least three people in your lifetime.
  • For each active year of study you make a commitment to plant and care for at least one tree (this will be in support of our ongoing tree project).