Naad Yoga The Yoga of Sound

Naad Yoga Teacher Training

Start Dates

Germany Mannheim: 11 January 2020 Read more

Hamburg: 5 October 2019 Read more

Karlsruhe: April 2020 Read more

UK London: November 2020  
Spain Barcelona:  8 September 2019 Read more

Madrid: 1 February 2020 Read more

Naad  Yoga Teacher Training is a course of study in two parts. Level 1 is a three-year programme and covers the first six grades of learning on the instrument chosen to support the voice. It covers all aspects of Naad Yoga and provides a solid foundation for personal practice, teaching, performance, and healing.

Level 2 is open only to students who have successfully completed Level 1, have passed an assessment and attended an interview. Level 2 deepens the knowledge gained in Level 1, and allows for students to specialize in a chosen area while completing grades 7 and 8 on the instrument.

Training Content

Level 1 (three years)

The 9 dimensions of Naad Yoga:

  1. Tuning: tune your ears and tune your soul
  2. Listening (Suniyai): listen to the voice of your mind and soul
  3. Rhythm (Taal): master the rhythm of life
  4. Singing (Gaviyai): sing yourself to bliss
  5. Chakras: assessing and balancing your energy field
  6. Sense – ability (Siddhi): master your 10 senses (external/internal)
  7. Emotional Signatures (Shruti): connect heart and sound
  8. Moorchana: the sutra of creating moods (raags)
  9. Composition: the road to Anhad (beyond sound)

The 9 dimensions of Naad Yoga are also called the 9 Doors to Success and their application in daily life enables you to compose your life and to become a co-creator of your reality.

A core element of Level 1 is the Sangat & Seva module, where students in years 2 and 3 have the opportunity to step into the role of teacher and complete 108 hours of teaching under the guidance of senior teachers. Teaching others is the fastest way to mastery in any given subject. read more…

Level 2 (one year)

Healing with Naad: application and experience in case studies
Musicology: sound and emotion; the healing properties of raags
Advanced Composition

Course Structure and Delivery

Course Structure Level 1

Each year of Level 1 follows a similar structure:

  • 24 weeks of self-guided learning with online or DVD course materials, to be completed within 36 weeks
  • 36h of group classes delivered either on a monthly basis (4h per month) or quarterly (12h of teaching per weekend, 3 weekends per year). The offered structure of delivery depends on the country and the teacher delivering it.
  • starting in the second year, the Sangat & Seva module will give students 1h of teaching experience per week (36h per year) under the guidance of senior staff. This amounts to a total of 108h of teaching experience. Students who opt out from the Sangat & Seva module will receive the Naad Yoga Diploma Certificate after completion of Level 1, instead of the Naad Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. read more…
  • 36h of teaching by Professor Surinder Singh on a residential intensive week in the first and second years
  • 3-month break for reflection with individual practice and projects

In the third year, one taught weekend and the intensive week are replaced by a two-week trip to India with Professor Surinder Singh, which also marks graduation from Level 1.