Naad Yoga The Yoga of Sound


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Professor Surinder Singh’s music brings forgotten notes to life… read more

What is Naad Yoga?

Naad Yoga is the science of inner communication and is one of the oldest forms of yoga. Click here to watch a short introduction!  

Latest News & Upcoming Events

21&30 June 2017
Healing Sound Course USA
An introduction to Naad Yoga & Sound Healing
Location: Minneapolis (MN)
Read more
23&24 Sept 2017
Sound Therapist Course in Germany
Learn to Heal with Naad
Location: Dieburg (Germany)
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28 October 2017
Start Naad Yoga Teacher Training UK with Prof. Surinder Singh
Become a master of Sound and learn to use the healing power of Naad!
Location: Greater London (UK)
Information in English: click here